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Worked examples

It is now easier than ever before to make short videos giving chalk/white board presentations on the board.  Just search “youtube integration by parts” in Google to see what I mean.  There are dozens of these types of videos, but they tend to have drawbacks that make them less than useful.  Most seem to be done with one camera, with no tripod, and attempt to take the video with one shot.  These are easily solved problems.  Next semester I will be teaching Calculus II (Integration, Infinite Series, and beginning Differential Equations) again, and hope to create slightly more professional videos for my students.  If nothing else, it will be a fun excuse to use my new camera!


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Information Theory and Applications Workshop 2011

I’m excited to be attending the 2011 Information Theory and Applications (ITA) Workshop in San Diego, CA.  Their organization is interesting.  The organizers invite keynote speakers, one of whom this year is Xiao-Li Meng.  Then the keynote speakers are allowed to invite a second tier of people to bolster the talks in an area.  Since Xiao-Li is speaking on Monte Carlo methods, he extended me an invitation.  Not 100% sure yet what I’ll be talking about, but a good guess is that perfect simulation will be involved somehow!



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Joint Mathematics Meetings 2011

I’m traveling to the Joint Math Meetings in New Orleans next month primarily because of the job searches that Claremont McKenna is putting forth.  (By the way, for those who are still interested in either the Applied Mathematics or the Statistics positions, please get your application in soon!)

However, I am also glad that two of my students will be there as well.  Sarah Schott (my graduate student) will be attending a workshop organized by the AWM through funding from the Graduate Student Probability Conference held at Duke this last May.  Jason Xu will be presenting a poster based on the work he did at the Claremont REU under my supervision this summer.  Please come and support all the undergraduates:  last year I went and was amazed by all the interesting mathematics going on!

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