Posted a paper up on the arXiv

The work that I did with the Claremont REU students has now started to be submitted.  The first paper is about perfect simulation from the hard core gas model.  In the dominated coupling from the past algorithm, there is an artificial phase transition where below a certain point the algorithm is slow and above the point the algorithm is fast.  Elise, Daniel, and Jason worked on pinning down this artificial phase transition through theory and experiment.  Not everything we tried panned out, but some things did work, and led to some improvements in the paper below.  You can find it here.

Title:  Bounds on the artificial phase transition for perfect simulation of repulsive point processes


Repulsive point processes arise in models where competition forces entities to be more spread apart than if placed independently. Simulation of these types of processes can be accomplished using dominated coupling from the past with a running time that varies as the intensity of the number of points. These algorithms usually exhibit what is called an artificial phase transition, where below a critical intensity the algorithm runs in finite expected time, but above the critical intensity the expected number of steps is infinite. Here the artificial phase transition is examined. In particular, an earlier lower bound on this artificial phase transition is improved by including a new type of term in the analysis. In addition, the results of computer experiments to locate the transition are presented.

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